—Unbelievably Easy website Menus.

Benu is a simple little service that makes your website Menu unbelievably easy to manage. Benu will blow your mind, save you tonnes of time, and end the torture PDF Menus put on your business and your customers.

— ST ALi (Cafe)
— Cosmos (Pizzeria)
— Dramanti (Cafe)
— Auction Rooms (Cafe)

The Evolution of website Menus

1993: PDFs are invented and used as website Menus to torture Food & Beverage businesses and customers for more than 30 years. đŸĻ–đŸ˜ą 😭

2023: Benu is made to make website menus unbelievably easy to manage, saving businesses tonnes of time and money and delighting customers with always-up-to-date mobile-friendly website Menus. 🤩🤩🤩

The Benefits of Benu

For your business: Benu magically syncs your website Menu with a spreadsheet so you can simply update your spreadsheet to instantly update your website Menu. You save endless hours of labour and you can eliminate your website PDF Menu altogether (if you want). đŸĒĻđŸĨŗ

For your customers: Benu website Menus are mobile-friendly and load super-fast on every device (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops) so your customers never have to download or pinch-view a PDF Menu ever again. And because Benu makes website Menus so easy to manage, yours will always be up-to-date so your customers are never out-of-date. 🤗

Benu FAQs

Is Benu really easy? Yes it's unbelievably easy.

Is Benu as easy as everyone says? Yes it's really, really unbelievably easy.

What makes Benu so easy? Benu builds your website Menu with a Google Spreadsheet so you can simply change your spreadsheet and instantly update your website Menu (real time updates).

Can I see a real, working Benu Menu? Yes you can see ST ALi and Cosmos Benus which are high-performance, mobile-friendly, live-updating Benu Menus.

Is there any lock-in or commitment? No it's PAYG monthly.

Can I cancel my Benu anytime? Yes (instantly & easily)

Do I have to build my own Benu? No (you get to do nothing).

So you build my Benu for me? Yes (I do everything for you).

Is there a build or set-up fee? No (set-up is 100% free).

How long will it take you to set-up? Not long (~5 days).

Who built Benu and why? Benu is an indie adventure made in Melbourne by me because PDFs are a painful problem for everyone which Benu solves instantly.

How do I pay? You pay the first month online and then monthly subscriptions take care of themselves.

Is there a discount for multiple Benus? Yes.

What's the price of Benu? $49 per month or $490 per year.


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